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Carthage-based Artist/Producer Young Taee – a African American born Quantavious Weatherton – is a member of WeGrindForMoreMusic. Young Taee started to develop his natural talent while singing along with his favorite songs as a child and decided he wanted to be an Artist in that matter as well! Discovered at the age of 15, Young Taee started recording from the bathroom with a phone… to his own room with quality music items to start his career off as planned. Young Taee had a rough childhood growing up starting with disbelief in his ability to become an artist. Over 3 Years of Investing and Teaching himself the technique of Rap and Producing, In 2017 Young Taee created his first hit single “So Willing” with his one lasting friend Zayvionn. Young Taee & Zayvionn started to rise togeather and help each other through the process in 2014 when they met during High School in McKinney,TX. “I am expecting a lot of talent from Young Taee, he is an amazing artist with a lot of passion for what he is doing”- MBTV Leader Interviews Young Taee with his first Interview starting off his career!

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