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Originally from the State of Mexico and with just over 15 years of experience, Yoga Fire is one of the most innovative acts in this growing wave of emerging artists that make up the current Mexican hip hop scene.

Founding member of two of the most important groups in this circuit. Jedi Revolver and Never Die, both great influences for generations subsequent to their creation, who with their work, helped to take a great step in the evolution of the genre, not only in terms of style, but also changing the musical and organizational vision of a conglomerate of artistic manifestations, which found rap, its form of expression.
A pioneer in the subgenre, which currently has the greatest global presence within urban music, Trap, Yoga Fire has consolidated its own style, which ranges from the harshness of boom bap, to the most strident autotune on hi-hats and 808's.

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Lázaro Lázaro Yoga Fire Released February 29, 2020 1 32

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