XXDineroXx About

Soundcloud Rapper Dine'ro came back to the scene on another Souncloud Rapper, J4yDiZz1e’s song Bout It and has worked hard for Joe Taylor Records. After Bout it, Dine'ro faded out from rapping and wasn’t seen until his first release entitled, Flames Part I featuring J4yDiZz1e. This release had gotten a lot of buzz in a few days and is now above the 300 mark and still rising. He then went on to disappear for a while again, but was then found on J4yDiZz1e’s song Hammer and after, it wasn’t long before he had released his second installment of Flames, Flames Part II featuring, yet again, J4yDiZz1e, who killed it along with Dine'ro. Instead of leaving again for a long time, He then released his next song, P.T.F.D. As of this moment, Dine'ro is working on his next installment of Flames which will end off the Trilogy. Until then we’ll have to wait off and see what happens.

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