Velhas Virgens About

Velhas Virgens is an independent Brazilian rock band that features irreverent lyrics, usually with sexual and alcoholic issues. His presentations often highlight his political opinion.

Coming from São Paulo, the group has fifteen albums released. Created in 1986, “Paulão” de Carvalho, when he met Alexandre “Cavalo” Dias. Initially, Paulão played bass and Cavalo guitar. They called their friends Rick to take over the drums and Celso for the vocals.

At the turn of the decade, vocalist Celso leaves the band with only the founders left, but Mário Sérgio “Lips Like Sugar” soon appeared to take charge of the drums. Paulão assumes the vocals, the harmonica and continues with the bass, while the newcomer Fabiano assumes the position of guitarist. With this lineup change, the band started to flirt more with the Blues. They recorded some demos and made several presentations. The year 1993 marks Fabiano's departure. Who takes his place on the guitar is Caio “The Kid” Andrade.

Recorded in 1994 and released the following year, the first album, entitled Foi Bom Pra Você ?. In this first work, there is already a characteristic that appeared in the band since 1990: the scribbled lyrics basically talking about women, beer and Rock ‘n Roll. Another brand of the group was to call renowned artists to participate in some songs. The debut features Pit Passarell from Viper, Oswaldo Vecchione from Made in Brazil, Eduardo Araújo and Marcelo Nova from Camisa de Vênus. A debut album well accepted by fans, with a sound aimed at classic Rock 'n Roll and Blues and songs like Minha Vida é Rock' n Roll (Made in Brazil cover), Cerveja na Veia, Só Para Te Comer, Excess de Quorum and De Bar in Bar Pela Noite, this one with the participation of Marcelo Nova.

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