Trevor Hawkins About

Originally hailing from Sin City, the genre-blending, multi-instrumentalist Trevor Hawkins now proudly claims The Big Easy as home base, from which he has recently released his debut summer mixtape entitled Small Talk, on July 13, 2018.
Working primarily out of his self assembled home studio, the humble New Orleanian continuously surprises fans and first time listeners alike with the variety in his sounds, making it rather difficult to simply categorize him or his music into any one given genre. It is arguably this variation, in and in of itself, that peaks the curiosity of listeners and gives this artist the ability to spread his wings in all directions creatively. Many of the records cut by TREV are based largely off of true stories intended to make listeners look inward and challenge the status quo at all turns. Alternatively, the messages behind the music do not simply overshadow the music itself, with subtle bass grooves, lush harmonies, smooth guitar solos and moving drum pockets that will surely leave audiences asking for more.
All said and done, it is the seemingly simultaneous complexity of Trevor’s variation in instrumentation, production, writing, and overall composition in his music combined with the simplicity of the messages driven home through each record that keep fans on their toes and eager for more. The simplest way to sum up TREV and his sound is through the simplicity of his mantra. Simply put. Breathe The Music.