Tofubeats About

tofubeats (real name: Yūsuke Kawai,Japanese: 河合 佑亮; born November 26, 1990) is a Japanese singer, record producer, and DJ.

Kawai began producing music at the age of 14. Under the name “DJ Newtown,” he initially distributed his music online through websites such as 2channel and YouTube. He would later release music with Maltine Records, a Japanese netlabel, before signing with the Warner Music Japan sublabel Unborde in 2013.

The video for his song “No. 1 feat. G.Rina” was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award Japan for Best Dance Video (in 2014), and his album titled First Album for the Grand Prix at the 2015 CD Shop Awards.

Tofubeats Albums

FANTASY CLUB FANTASY CLUB Tofubeats Released May 23, 2017 3 26