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Often dubbed the Queen of Rock & Roll, Tina Turner is arguably among the most iconic of female divas in history, with her prolific career and memorable personality as a performer and a public figure. Hailing from a small town in Tennessee, and born Anna Mae Bullock, Turner has cemented herself as one of music’s greatest entertainers.

Turner’s career in music arose from her frequenting of nightclubs near St. Louis, where she would meet her soon-to-be husband Ike Turner, who would also give her the alias “Tina”. With Ike, she would form the famous Ike And Tina Turner Revue. A dynamic, explosive R&B ensemble, the two became the definition of the genre in the late 60s and early 70s, where R&B/Soul had only tiptoed into the realms of the mainstream. A particularly influential act in popularizing the genre, the Revue went on to release some of music’s most memorable and iconic tracks – a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary”, the Phil Spector-penned “River Deep – Mountain High”, and the electric “Nutbush City Limits”. After a host of drug and abuse problems on Ike’s part, with the male Turner eventually engaging in a violent altercation with his wife, Tina decided to leave her husband for the solo life – and it worked.

As a solo artist, with the help of fellow artists like glam rocker David Bowie, Turner tumbled into mainstream success in the 80s with the only number-one hit of her career – the unconquerable love ballad “What’s Love Got To Do With It” as part of her debut solo album, Private Dancer.

Dancer sold over five million copies and took home four Grammy awards for Tina. She followed up her debut with Break Every Rule in 1986, which was able to ship over four million units worldwide. Her career continued to be marked by intermittent successes – though never meeting the same degree of success as Private Dancer – until her semi-retirement in the late 90s. The rock & roll icon’s tours also became legendary – in 2008, Guinness World Records deemed that she had sold more tickets than any other solo concert entertainment in all of music history.

Equipped with a set of blazing, energy-filled pipes and charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to the nth degree, Tina Turner is a queen of music – and deservingly so.

Tina Turner Albums

Love Songs Love Songs Tina Turner Released February 3, 2014 4 19
All The Best All The Best Tina Turner Released November 1, 2004 17 22
Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams Tina Turner Released April 22, 1996 5 21
Foreign Affair Foreign Affair Tina Turner Released September 13, 1989 3 23
Rough Rough Tina Turner Released 1978 6 22

Tina Turner Lyricsby Popularity

1 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight Tina Turner 35 2 Long Long Time Tina Turner 31 3 Shake a Tail Feather Tina Turner 26 4 Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina Turner Tina Turner 25 5 Missing You Tina Turner 25 6 I Don't Wanna Lose You Tina Turner 25 7 River Deep-Mountain High by Ike & Tina Turner Tina Turner 24 8 In Your Wildest Dreams (Ft. Antonio Banderas) Tina Turner 24 9 Let's Stay Together Tina Turner 23 10 We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) Tina Turner 23 11 Whatever You Need Tina Turner 22 12 I Can't Stand the Rain Tina Turner 22 13 In Your Wildest Dreams (Ft. Antonio Banderas) Tina Turner 22 14 Nutbush City Limits Tina Turner 22 15 The Bitch Is Back Tina Turner 22 16 Sometimes When We Touch Tina Turner 22 17 Unfinished Sympathy Tina Turner 20 18 A Woman In A Man's World Tina Turner 20 19 Acid Queen Tina Turner 20 20 I Don't Wanna Lose You Tina Turner 19 21 Open Arms Tina Turner 19 22 Addicted To Love Tina Turner 19 23 Whatever You Want Tina Turner 19 24 Thief of Hearts Tina Turner 19 25 GoldenEye Tina Turner 19 26 The Woman I'm Supposed to Be Tina Turner 19 27 Way Of The World Tina Turner 18 28 Paradise Is Here Tina Turner 18 29 Without You Tina Turner 18 30 Twenty Four Seven Tina Turner 18 31 Fruits of the Night Tina Turner 18 32 Root, Toot, Undisputable Rock 'n' Roller Tina Turner 18 33 Bayou Song Tina Turner 18 34 On Silent Wings (Ft. Sting) Tina Turner 17 35 I've Been Loving You Too Long (Ft. Ike Turner) Tina Turner 17 36 Great Spirits Tina Turner 16 37 Better Be Good to Me Tina Turner 16 38 Talk To My Heart Tina Turner 16 39 The Best Tina Turner 15 40 What You Get Is What You See Tina Turner 15 41 I Will Be There Tina Turner 15 42 Look Me in the Heart Tina Turner 15 43 A Fool in Love Tina Turner 14 44 It's Gonna Work Out Fine Tina Turner 14 45 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight Tina Turner 13 46 I Know (Ft. Ike Turner) Tina Turner 13 47 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Tina Turner 13 48 Falling Like Rain Tina Turner 12 49 Stay Awhile Tina Turner 11 50 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) Tina Turner 11 51 I'm Moving On Tina Turner 11 52 Not Enough Romance Tina Turner 10