Thutmose About

Thutmose, born in Lagos, Nigeria as Umar Ibrahim and raised in Brooklyn, New York, is an American rapper, who got his start when his freestyle to Kendrick Lamar’s March 2017 track, “Humble,” went viral. He has since then released many singles, all without being signed to a major label.

His stage name, Thutmose, was inspired by an Egyptian king, Thutmose I, as he shared in an interview with OK Africa.

His song “Run Wild” was used as part of the soundtrack for the popular game FIFA 18, and also got a feature Snapchat filter. He’s also known for having joined Billie Eilish as the opener for her don’t smile at me Tour, in 2017.

Thutmose Albums

Best of Both Worlds: Side A Best of Both Worlds: Side A Thutmose Released September 30, 2020 2 21