Steve Lacy About

Steve Lacy (born May 23, 1998) is an American singer/songwriter, musician, and producer from Compton, CA. He is slowly building his reputation as a bona-fide prodigy.

Already, he has produced for Kendrick Lamar on 2017’s DAMN. He has worked with J. Cole on “Foldin Clothes,” and is a frequent collaborator with singer-songwriter Kali Uchis. In addition, Lacy has collaborated with Isaiah Rashad, Tyler, The Creator, Blood Orange, Big Sean, Ravyn Lenae, and contributed to Jhené Aiko’s collab project, TWENTY88.

However, Lacy is probably best known for his work as a guitarist, producer, and vocalist for neo-soul group The Internet. Following his introduction to the band during the conception of the Grammy-Nominated Ego Death, Lacy has become influential in the band’s sonic growth. His signature detached, clanking drum beats and slick, soulful Southern-California guitar riffs lend a retrospective yet modern sound to his and the band’s production. In February 2017, he released his first original collection of songs – the six-track “song series” humbly entitled Steve Lacy’s Demo. He and The Internet released Hive Mind in July 2018 as a follow-up to 2015’s Ego Death. In May of 2019, he released his ambitious debut, Apollo XII – his first full-length, studio solo album.

Given that he helped to produce a Grammy-Nominated album between his high-school class periods, it is clear that Lacy knows how to make the most of limited resources. In fact, Lacy is known to be a lover of an iPhone-based production technique that he mastered as a teenager. However, with the influence and resources the young Lacy is quickly gathering, he is sure to continue to impress.

Steve Lacy Albums

Apollo XXI Apollo XXI Steve Lacy Released May 24, 2019 4 18
Steve Lacy’s Demo Steve Lacy’s Demo Steve Lacy Released February 24, 2017 4 33