Soolking About

Born December 10, 1989 in Algiers, Soolking, formerly MC Sool, is an Algerian singer, rapper and dancer. He debuted in 2007 in the break dance collective Keep It Funky then created the group Africa Jungle with his friends Djam Chow and Nas Doz.

In 2014, he moved to France and truly began his solo career in 2016 with the Marseille label Hyper Focal, thanks to which he became known in 2017, notably thanks to the song “T.R.W” featuring Alonzo. At the end of the year, he made a remarkable appearance in the program Rentre dans le Cercle by Sofiane, which signed the following year with Affranchis Music. Carried by international hits like Guérilla or Dalida, the Algerian's first album, Fruit du Démon, sold 18,357 copies in the first week and was certified platinum after 7 months of exploitation.

In 2019, Soolking made appearances on the projects of Heuss l'Enfoiré, Lacrim, Black M, SCH or even Dadju but did not fail to stand out with singles like “Zemër” and “Liberté”, which became the anthem of the demonstrations against the fifth term of Algerian President Bouteflika.

At the start of 2020, he unveils two new songs, “Meleğim” and “Marilyne”, first extracts from the Vintage double album released on March 20.

Soolking Albums

Vintage Gearforth Vintage Gearforth Soolking Released September 16, 2020 11 138
Vintage Vintage Soolking Released March 20, 2020 8 408
Fruit du démon Fruit du démon Soolking Released November 2, 2018 7 120