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Born and raised in Hanau, a city near Frankfurt am Main in the heart of Hesse, Silv-R first picked up a pen at the age of 16 - that was in 2003.

Since then he has basically never put it aside and has now written a large number of songs with it - and it would hardly be an exaggeration to speak of “countless many” songs here.

His first release was titled “Your Rap is Not a Rap EP”, a collaboration project with DaJule Steilz that was released in 2005. A year later followed a joint mixtape with DaZe, with which Silv-R founded the group Explizit Soundz.

After the breakup, the first solo album with the title “Blick zurück” followed in 2009. Two years later, Silv-R released the double EP “Schreibflash // Anti-Realist”. In 2018 another solo album was released with the name “Traktate”

Silv-R is making all previous tracks and projects available for free download on its website.

Silv-R Albums

Vorschuss-Reihe Vorschuss-Reihe Silv-R Released August 13, 2018 2 41
Blick zurück Blick zurück Silv-R Released 2009 4 33
Traktate Traktate Silv-R Released July 27, 2018 6 34