Shrine of Malice About

Izrael Selassie – Guitarist/Songwriter
Chris Paz – Lead Guitarist
Greg GIlbert – Vocalist/Lyricist
Dominic Keller – Bass Guitarist
Josh Null – Drummer

Formed in September of 2016, Shrine of Malice truly began with their debut single, “Beelzebub."The track debuted Shrine’s hectic onslaught of driving blast beats and heart pounding chugs combined to be an emotional release for both founding members, Izrael and Greg. With much acclaim from peers within the metal community, they have worked hard to complete their debut EP "Maligance” which will be released Summer 2018.

Shrine of Malice Albums

Sheol Sheol Shrine of Malice Released October 31, 2019 6 27
Malignance Malignance Shrine of Malice Released September 21, 2018 2 20