Sarchasm About

SARCHASM is a Berkeley, CA-based indie/punk band, formed in 2010. Dedicated to radical social justice, tolerance, and unity in the greater diy punk community and armed with a commitment to all ages shows and safer spaces, Sarchasm has spent the past few years spreading their emotive alt-punk tunes across the Western half of the United States and as far east as Gainesville, FL, for FEST. They consist of three introverts (and occasionally, an extra extrovert) with radically different coffeeshop orders. They are unified by their love of superheroes, burritos, and ugly button-up shirts. They make music about mountains and friendships gone wrong. With three albums and two modest indie label EPs (Challenger, 2016, via VLE Records and Tides, 2017, via 1986’d Records) under their belts, Sarchasm have just released their 4th album and 2nd album under Asian Man records, the self-titled Sachasm.

Sarchasm Albums

Sarchasm Sarchasm Sarchasm Released October 9, 2020 2 25
Beach Blanket: Bummer Pop! Beach Blanket: Bummer Pop! Sarchasm Released April 1, 2019 4 28
Challenger Challenger Sarchasm Released July 8, 2016 2 26