Sara Hebe About

Sara Hebe Merino was born in Chubut, Argentina on July 9, 1983. She is an Argentine feminist singer and songwriter, belonging to the hip-hop scene.
In 2007 she began to compose self-taught. At the end of 2009, her first album, “La hija del loco”, released independently.

Sara Hebe was presented in dozens of bars, pubs, squares, radios and cultural centers of the Federal Capital and the province of Buenos Aires.

In 2009 she was part of the program "La mar en coche" by FM La Tribu, making improvised rap and giving her poetic opinion on the present.

In April 2012 she presented “Puentera”, produced independently with Ramiro Jota, her co-team in the studio and on stage. This second album, in addition to taking rap as the undisputed core and platform for composition, crossed a plurality of styles that ranged from reggae to cumbia, from dancehall to the electronic world.

Three years later she released together with Ramiro Jota "Colectivo Vacuum" (which was published on Bandcamp like her previous albums), schizophrenically crossing genres from rap, punk rock, Rio de Janeiro funk and cumbia.

In 2016 she put music to the fiction of Underground Producciones, "El marginal", together with Ramiro Jota and Flor Linyera from the band KumbiaQueers, composed especially for this series set in the former prison of Caseros.

Sara Hebe Albums

Puentera Puentera Sara Hebe Released April 24, 2012 9 84
Politicalpari Politicalpari Sara Hebe Released April 19, 2019 4 85
La hija del loco La hija del loco Sara Hebe Released October 1, 2009 7 73