Safecamp About

In 2006, Robert James began playing guitar with some friends and found a love of music that laid beyond. After multiple failed attempts to get bands off the ground and more than ten years of relative obscurity, Robert James conceived the idea to take the power back into his own hands. Thus, the album “From a Certain Point of View” was born in December 2016.

Not long after, Robert James took up the moniker of Safecamp. He chooses to represent multiple view points on how music can be played as well as heard. Safecamp’s music evokes dormant, dark emotions to blossom to the surface in a feeling of relevance. The music brings intense highs and lows as the walls of sound seek to probe your mind for the things you feel most vulnerable and show you there is someone else who understands. August 7th, 2018, Safecamp will be releasing their debut album to the world.

Safecamp Albums