Romina Falconi About

Romina Falconi (Rome, 1st January 1985) is an Italian singer-songwriter.

The eldest of three sisters, Falconi spent her childhood in Torpignattara. He described his adolescence as a restless and difficult period, lived in the Roman suburbs. Intent on helping her family, she began working at the age of twelve as a singer for some local events, growing up in a family environment that encouraged her to get involved in the arts, to nurture a particular passion for music.
Her adolescence was accompanied by the presence of a transgender named Giò, whom she considered as a "second mother". Falconi said during an interview, "I started imagining myself as a singer thanks to her, who told me that poverty is not an obstacle".

She began studying singing in her teens, appreciating artists such as Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan, and admiring Riccardo Cocciante's theatricality and voice. She said she was inspired by artists who "had the courage to be different, breaking figures who had to work hard" to achieve notoriety. The passion for rhythm and blues and black music born during her adolescence influenced Falconi's way of writing and singing.

Romina Falconi Albums

Biondologia Biondologia Romina Falconi Released March 15, 2019 7 65
Attraverso EP Attraverso EP Romina Falconi Released May 12, 2014 2 46