Radiator Hospital About

Radiator Hospital is an American pop-pop/punk band active in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DIY scene originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They’ve released three LPs, Something Wild in 2013, Torch Song in 2014, and Play The Songs You Like in 2017, all through Salinas Records.

When it began, Radiator Hospital was only a solo project: Sam Cook-Parrott’s outlet for his spartan, romantic lo-fi pop songs produced on a four-track tape recorder. Now, Radiator Hospital is a four-piece with Cook-Parrott teaming up with fellow guitarist-vocalist Cynthia Schemmer, drummer Jeff Bolt, and bass player Jon Rybicki.

Cook-Parrott has said he called it Radiator Hospital because of an auto body shop near his hometown Grand Rapids, MI:

I thought the sign looked cool and it had a good ring to it, especially taken out of that context it kind of sounds like two words that aren’t supposed to be together. […] Had to call it somethin’ I guess.