Quinn Soular About

Born on the beautiful Island of St. Maarten Quincy Adolphin aka Quinn Soular was intrigued and inspired by many local & international musicians. Quinn grew up in a small town in a typical Caribbean home surrounded by Caribbean blues musicians, here is where his passion for music was ignited.

As his love developed for music he started playing around with instruments ultimately selecting the keyboard instrument as his main instrument. Soon he developed a real bond with this instrument and continued to dedicate more & more time playing the keyboard and then the piano. At the tender age of 8 he was considered one the best keyboardist in his neighbourhood. With the full support of his parents he began playing in the church and with various musical groups, making music a huge part of his upbringing.

Quinn also joined the church choir and one day at the age of 12 Quinn was asked to do a solo. As he sang his first solo he started to realize that his talent was not limited to only playing instruments…that’s when the artist Quinn Soular was created. Quinn Soular is a Pop, R&B singer/songwriter who fuses other genres into his music and production.

He sings & write songs mainly about love, life and all that they must offer, the good, the bad and the ugly. He also produces his own music allowing you to get the full Quinn Soular music experience. His musical heroes are artists such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Will.I.am, Kirk Franklin & producers such as Quincy Jones, Donovan ‘Don Corleone’ Bennett, Timbaland & Max Martin.

Quinn Soular has started his own music production company, QP (Quinn Productions) with the slogan “QP on the Track, I Like That” and is in the process of producing for himself and for other great up-and-coming artists and well-known artists as well.
Quinn Soular has teamed up with Great Artist Records to release his next few singles as well as a full album very soon.

Quinn Soular currently resides in the UK & Holland and continues to perform & play with numerous artists and musicians all over Europe & the Caribbean.

Truly when listening to Quinn Soular’s sultry & smooth vocals and interesting lyrics in combination with his composing qualities, your body will move, your soul will be soothed, your heart will be warmed & your mind will be inspired. So take a listen to his music on any of the popular streaming services or check out his social media & website http://www.quinsoular.com