Private Paul About

Private Paul is a German-speaking underground rapper who founded and shaped the subgenre Emopunkrap. Under the pseudonym KASH he occasionally publishes albums and EPs that deviate from this movement musically and lyrically. In 2014 he founded the label Emopunkrap, named after his debut album, on which, in addition to himself, the rapper Rotten Monkey is under contract.

Private Paul Albums

D.S.E.P.R. D.S.E.P.R. Private Paul Released December 13, 2019 5 55
SCHWARZWEISSROT SCHWARZWEISSROT Private Paul Released January 17, 2014 7 54
Lotus EP Lotus EP Private Paul Released 2013 3 57
EmoPunkRap EmoPunkRap Private Paul Released December 5, 2010 4 63