Pesoa About

Pesoa, whose real name is Patrice, and also nicknamed Black Yoshi is an artist from Bourget.
Before his name was Pesoa his old artist name was Lar’m.

He started rap with Tony Karino in a youth center in Guy Moquet (La Courneuve) in 2006.
He then joined the Skwere Records label in 2007.

In 2009 he founded the group Eddie Hyde with 3010 and Beeby, but Beeby left him some time later.

Pesoa is a versatile artist, he is an author, composer, performer and beatmaker. His main studio is his bedroom. He is also a video director with CAM ERA.
A prolific artist, he produced a mixtape containing around forty tracks (Avez Vous Already Vu!?).
Its sounds are aimed at all types of audiences (male or female).

8 projects by the artist Pesoa are available for free on the web '.
He competed in Can I Kick It with 3010 for two years in a row.

His last two mixtapes released in 2013 and 2015, Avena and Arena will only increase its visibility.

Pesoa released its ninth project in 2016, a 10-track mixtape called Supra.

Since 2020, Pesoa has renamed itself to FOMO which stands for Fear Of Missing Out.

Pesoa Albums

Supra Supra Pesoa Released 2016 4 29
Arena Arena Pesoa Released 2015 9 42
Advena Mixtape Advena Mixtape Pesoa Released 2013 6 27