Pepe : Vizio About

Pepe: V. Vizio is a duo of singers from Granada, Spain. The duo was officially formed in 2016, although they had worked together long before.
The group is made up of Jose Sánchez Vera Serrano (Pepe) and Vicente Perez Carmona (V. Vizio). The first song in which they appear together is “Caliope Crush”, published on March 3, 2015. Pepe and Vizio stand out for their wide variety of musical genres, among which flamenco and Rap stand out. Their musical quality has led them to collaborate with artists like Rels B or Gatta Cattana. They are the best little brother.

Pepe : Vizio Albums

Jean-Míchel Jean-Míchel Pepe : Vizio Released June 1, 2018 4 17
ENGAENTONSES ENGAENTONSES Pepe : Vizio Released November 3, 2017 2 13