Pen Pals (Heath McNease, Jetty Rae) About

“Pen Pals – Gold” is an acoustic collaboration between singer/songwriters Heath McNease and Jetty Rae. Intense, soul bearing lyrics mixed with beautiful harmonies abound from start to finish.

The two full time touring artists met at a concert and continued to bump into each other at music festivals. Both were fans of the other. One day Heath worked up the courage to ask Jetty to sing on a few songs with him. Jetty agreed. Then Jetty said, “Let’s just do this as a group.”

Jetty had no idea this is what Heath wanted the whole time. Thus the birth of “Pen Pals.” A duo based on mutual artistic admiration for the other. The two singers have met less than 10 times in person. The project was written in Heath’s Georgia farm town and recorded in Nashville with producer Greg Lafollette. Jetty tracked her vocals in her home state of Michigan.

“Gold” is a simple story about the rise and fall of summer love. From its bright, airy opening number, “Camp” to its final moment of acceptance in “July”…the project chronicles the slow acceptance that some beautiful things weren’t meant to last. Its not always in the written word. Sometimes just the atmosphere of the song itself creates the backdrop for those feelings to make themselves real.

If you’re a fan of The Swell Season, The Civil Wars, The Weepies, The Avett Brothers, or Simon & Garfunkel…then you will fall in love with “Pen Pals.”

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