Paul Baribeau About

Paul Baribeau is an American folk style singer-songwriter from Grand Ledge, Michigan. He was signed to the independent record label Plan-It-X Records. His self-titled debut album was released on in January 2004. He released 25 in 2006, and Grand Ledge in June 2007. Grand Ledge was recorded in a barn belonging to a friend of Baribeau’s father, in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Baribeau’s most recent album, Unbearable, was released on No Idea Records on March 10, 2010. He appears to have toured until at least 2014 but not released any more music. Celebrity fan, Ezra Furman, said in a 2011 blog post that his music was “almost unbearably honest, exposed, real”. And he went on to say:

Being into Paul’s music feels secret and wild and wonderful. To get his first CD I wrote a letter to the record label, Plan-It-X Records, with five dollars cash in the envelope. They sent me his CD and a hand-written note with a little drawing. It’s music you have to dig a bit deeper to find. You have to care.

Paul Baribeau Albums

25 25 Paul Baribeau Released 2006 2 19
Paul Baribeau Paul Baribeau Paul Baribeau Released September 18, 2005 7 22