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Welcome to the outside…a result of the ever-present temptation of chaos. This is the product of finding comfort in feeling lost in the beautiful but cold world that we live in; a futile attempt to exude beauty while escaping pain. Running from nothing, the thrill of hiding and the disappointment felt when you realize nobody is looking for you. The outside is a mirror held up to the stitching and edges of the painting, hoping to find detail within the reflection that helps make sense of the overall image.

But what’s discovered is disheartening. Broken love, addiction in all forms, growing pains, and the discomfort that comes from the basic human condition fills the details of a blank canvas. How far can you go until you can’t turn back, how long can something without real strength be stretched. We’re not looking for answers, but instead attempting to record and represent this universal confusion itself.

Happiness is elusive and contradicting, isolated from the situation and entirely dependent upon it. This paradox can be found in every recorded moment; a bottled up message floating aimlessly, it’s entire purpose tied to the recipient who uncorks it and finds that they aren’t so alone after all.

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Hell with My Friends Hell with My Friends ​outsideOUTSIDE Released October 12, 2018 4 20