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Osanna are the main group of the varied Neapolitan scene that, in the Italian early seventies, created another way of understanding progressive music.

Born in 1970, the members of the first formation of the Città Frontale group, formerly Volti Di Pietra, Lino Vairetti (vocals), Danilo Rustici (solo guitar), Massimo Guarino (drums) and Lello Brandi (bass) met the talented flutist and saxophonist Elio D'Anna, coming from James Senese's Showmen. The group had to replace Gianni Leone who was about to enter the Bronze Ballet.

They made their debut in 1971 by releasing their first album Man, a concept album that is also sought after under the graphic aspect, the internal flaps host the introductory notes by two famous brands, such as Renzo Arbore and Fabrizio Zampa. The album is valid under the musical aspect with influences like Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin.

the following year Maestro Luis Bacalov involved the group in the performance of the soundtrack composed for the film Milano calibro 9, a film noir directed by Fernando Di Leo. The album is titled Preludio, Tema, Variazioni e Canzona, and is part of the trend of contamination between classical orchestra and rock music, which had just been started by Bacalov himself with the Concerto Grosso for the New Trolls and again in that year, they were the protagonists of an Italian tour alongside Genesis.

In 1973 they had an intense live activity, and released Palepoli, considered one of the most successful episodes of the Italian progressive /

After the publication of the fourth album, Landscape of life (with the participation of Corrado Rustici, brother of Danilo, ex Cervello) disbanded, to reconstitute themselves in 1977 without Elio D'Anna and give life to the fifth album: Suddance. < / p>

In April 2008, with a completely renewed line-up, Osanna enter the studio for a new recording effort. Lino Vairetti, assisted by his son Irvin Luca (voices and keyboard programming), Fabrizio Fedele (guitars), Sasà Priore (piano and keyboards), Nello D'Anna (bass) and Gennaro Barba (percussion) record the CD entitled Prog Family a name Osanna / Jackson. The disc is an opportunity to re-record the classics of the repertoire but with a new reading in key, and above all with a swarm of very prestigious guests including, precisely, David Jackson, historic saxophone of the Van Der Graaf Generator (hence the title of the CD) . Among the other guests we find Gianni Leone (Bronze Ballet), TM Stevens (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc.), David Cross (ex King Crimson), Solis String Quartet and other names of the international prog / rock scene as evidence of the enormous esteem that the historic Neapolitan group still arouses in the environment.

The group was among the first Italian rock bands to offer live concerts with stage make-up and costumes. Their performances were also supported by choreographies created through the theatricality of the Mediterranean tradition with references to the commedia dell'arte.

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