Nonstop (FRA) About

“Oscillating between a dark and disillusioned urban poetry, and rhythms at the crossroads of hip hop and techno, Nonstop tends the microphone to madness . But let's agree, this is not the umpteenth singer who stutters his discomfort. With his Toulouse accent completely assumed, Frédo Roman, speaks, chants, spits his words, and yells at an intermingling of samples, loops and beats more or less heavy or catchy.
Deeply black, the texts however avoid falling into a heavy and forbidding defeatism because their author plays with language, juggles with his own words, and thus avoids taking himself too seriously. Pissed off, of course, he had the good idea not to lose his sense of humor. An explosive mix of Michaux and Coluche, to make it quick. And if his verve is incisive, sharp and abrupt, Frédo Roman's trash and cynical humor allows him to stand out from the darkness he describes, to take a step back, to take a slap while avoiding headache… ”

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