No Land About

No Land is a music group composed of Azeri, Iranian, Kurdish and Turkish musicians and named as No Land (without a country) in reference to their coming from different cultures and geographies. It got its name from the movie No Man's Land at the suggestion of Sahand Lesani.

No Land released their first album, "Between Us", as of 2016. The album "Between Us" includes some of the work that has been done since 2013, and these works generally consisted of the songs that emerged during the first formation of the group. The songs in the album are in Turkish and Azerbaijani. Most of the lyrics were written by Vugar Hasani. The only cover work performed on this album was interpreted as 'Niyə Belə Uzundur these Roads' No Land, which is a composition by the valuable Azerbaijani artist Azer Cırttan Mammadov.

The second album "Pusulası Lost" was released on digital platforms on February 6, 2019. There are eight songs in the album in Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian and Russian. As with the first album, the lyrics were written by Kamil Hajiyev and Vugar Hasani.

No Land Albums

Pusulası Kaybolmuş Pusulası Kaybolmuş No Land Released February 6, 2019 4 37
Aramızda Aramızda No Land Released September 21, 2016 4 37