Ninety Pound Wuss About

Ninety Pound Wuss (sometimes styled as 90 Lb. Wuss) was an American punk rock band formed in Port Angeles, Washington in 1994. They signed to Tooth & Nail Records in 1995 and released three studio albums over the next five years which would be supported by several national tours.

In the mid-1990s Ninety Pound Wuss established itself as part of the Christian punk scene with their self-titled debut. The release of their second album, Where Meager Die Of Self Interest (1997) saw the band’s sound take a dramatic shift, becoming much darker and more dynamically complex. Ninety Pound Wuss continued this development further on their post-punk swan song, Short Hand Operation (1999), by not only displaying an increased use of guitar effects and synthesizers, but also by showcasing some of the strongest songwriting of their career. However, the juxtaposition of being a punk band associated with the Christian music industry proved too exhausting and would ultimately lead to their disbandment in 2000.