Nick Conrad About

Nick Conrad is a French rapper born November 4, 1983 in the twelfth arrondissement of Paris, at the Saint-Antoine hospital.

Suffering from sickle cell disease, he will be hospitalized on multiple occasions. On January 4, 1994, he wrote his first song in his hospital bed before entering music in 2008 with his debut album: The Magnificent Way.

Subsequently, he will release Ep: Lil'Mama, in 2014. Saphir Noir, in 2016. Sub-Saharan Storm, in 2017 and PLB in 2018.

He will make himself known in September 2018, ten days after the release of his clip PLB, short for “Pendez Les Blancs”, a parody clip of American History X or the roles of the white man and the black man have been reversed.

The controversy will not prevent it from continuing. In March 2019, he returned with his second album: Revolution 2.0, based in part on what PLB caused.

In May 2019, his clip “Doux Pays”, which was used to answer the accusations of the media and politicians vis-à-vis PLB will also be controversial.

Nick Conrad Albums

Révolution 2.0 Révolution 2.0 Nick Conrad Released March 22, 2019 6 21