Mutiilation About

Mütiilation was a French black metal band from
Grabels, Occitanie known for using vampiric imagery and having lyrics that deal with topics such as vampirism, satanism, melancholy, depression and sadness. Formed in 1991 by lead singer Meyhna'ch, Drummer Dark Wizzard of Silence and Bassist David.

After a few demos the band joined The Black Legions causing the bassist David to leave the band leaving it a duo, they promptly recorded a EP called “Hail Satanas We Are The Black Legions”

Soon after Hail Satanas came out Dark Wizzard left the band and was replaced with Krissagrazabeth who was with the band until the album “Vampires of Black Imperial Blood” then left the band and was replaced with Mørdrëd

After this all the members but Meyhna'ch left the band leaving him as the sole member of Mütiilation

The band dissolved sometime in 1996, an album of previously unreleased tracks called “ Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul” in 1999, the album stated that Meyhna'ch had died due to his disgust in the black metal community.

Meyhna'ch then reformed Mütiilation in the year 2000, Meyhna'ch reasoning of why he was not still “Dead” was because he was resurrected because he was never buried, so his dead body continued to record music and to put it out, the first album
he recorded after this point was “Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)”

Mütiilation played two live shows in 2001 one in Marseille and the other at the “Under the Black Sun Festival” in Germendorf

Meyhna'ch then on December 8, 2009 decided to split the band up for a second time stating it was a one man band “even if other members were involved in the band in the past” and that it had ended as a one man band

The band played a one off live show at Hellfest 2015 in France but nothing came of it.

In fall of 2017 Meyhna'ch declared that the band was done for good and was not coming back no matter what