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Musa is a fighter by nature. As part of the BSMG (Black Superman Gang) with Megaloh and Ghanaian Stallion, the Berliner got his “place in the sun”. The pan-African album pamphlet, which was released on the label by Max Herre and Joy Denalane, grew into a movement. On the later “Features Edition”, Samy Deluxe, Afrob, OG Keemo, Rola, Chima Ede, Amewu and Tarek K.I.Z. their part in the Afro-German empowerment.

“Berliner Negritude” is now Musa's debut album and another empowering step, after he accompanied the Regenmacher Tour as a special guest in 2016 and Megaloh's top 5 album on the refugee trauma “Wohin” and the Afro- Trap pioneer “Oyoyo” enriched. The secret hit “Thank God” was released as the first solo single and earned him co-signs from Dendemann.

Complemented by feature contributions from Megaloh, Amewu, Chima Ede, Mortel and Pronto, Musa gives a deep, biographical insight and writes the prequel for the crew project, which shows a new perspective: Were his BSMG contributions still political- analyzing, the camera now zooms in very close - to the Moabit micro-level. Musa designs his kind of Conscious Trap, combining vintage and modern. The Afro-German son of Sierra Leonean parents describes his rocky odyssey, which led him from Berlin via the USA to West Africa and back to the capital.

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Berliner Negritude Berliner Negritude Musa Released March 15, 2019 6 37