Mula B About

Mula B aka Mula Moes, Hicham De Verloren Zoon, a Dutch (t) rapper from The Hague, Schilderswijk. Mula is half Moroccan and half Congolese. He comes out for the Wild West label and represents the 911 group of friends. He is known for his unapproachably hungry flow and lyrics that are full of drug terms and Moroccan and French words.

Mula has been releasing music for some time but started to become more famous when he first appeared on Zonamo Underground in 2014 with fellow rappers Kingsize and Louis. In early 2015 he joined 101barz with Louis. In this year he also started to release more songs. His first project was a project of Wilde Westen with its members and ODG. In 2016 Mula really broke through with Louis as the duo Mula B & Louis. The men's 101barz in January has now been viewed more than two million times, awarded with the 101barz trophy.

Around March 2016, Mula B & Louis released the mixtape D&G. With this she conquered the trap scene and lived up to the expectations generated by their success with the 101barz session. 2016 is the year in which they really broke through and are therefore often booked for parties and festivals, at home and abroad.

Mula B Albums

8-9-17 8-9-17 Mula B Released May 19, 2017 6 75