M ¥ SS KETA is a performance artist, singer, rapper, popstar, life coach, definitive diva: she arrived, but we don't know exactly where. Her identity is unknown and both in official videos and in live performances she wears a mask and glasses that cover her face. Behind M ¥ SS KETA hides the collective MOTEL FORLANINI, which deals with all aspects of its artistic production (music, texts, videos, graphics, live performances, clothing, set design, etc).

Situationist performer and rapper with a punk attitude, M ¥ SS KETA was born artistically with a veiled face. His identity hidden by countless "masks" is the best way to tell the truth, because "having no face, there is a bit of M ¥ SS in each of us". Zodiac sign: "Virgo, but not too much". For the name she was inspired by Miss Kittin, who preferred to leave the kittens to keep the keta.

Born on the catwalks, but died in a parking lot,
M ¥ SS KETA, show woman and show woman, begins to shine illuminated by the Madonnina to the sound of "Milano Sushi E Coca" back in 2014.
From then on, success after success consecrated her to the only diva and woman of the Milanese capital Admired by the world of art, seduced by the cinematic environment, abandoned by no one, she lives every day as if it were New Year's in Courmayeur.
Without knowing when to stop, M ¥ SS KETA continues to carry out its various projects of a musical, artistic, editorial and cinematographic nature, regardless of any criticism and judicial or media fury.