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Moli (actually Adam Koźmiński), born in '94.
Polish rapper and songwriter from Inowrocław.
He wrote his first texts in the second grade of junior high school, and he dates his first recordings to 2010. Moli is distinguished by both an uncompromising approach to content,
as well as the characteristic voice and flow, which stands out in the flood of similar players. He mentions Drake and The Weeknd among his greatest inspirations, with artists such as Young Thug, Tory Lanez and Lil Durk in the background. His rap was recognized not only in SBM Label. Moli's work was dropped by, among others Szpaku, considered one of the best Polish rappers of the young generation. The greatest value of Moli's texts is their truthfulness and lack of self-censorship, and the stories told in pieces of many listeners can make you shiver on the spine.

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