Mokita About

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee; John Luke Carter also known as his stage name Mokita, is a singer, songwriter and, record producer.

He started making music when he was a child, singing at his church and writing songs for church events. His most used instrument started out as a piano. He enjoyed playing the piano for churchgoers and special events. Later in his life, he started taking songwriting lessons eventually expanding his skills and moving on to other instruments like guitars, flutes, and, trumpets.

In his early adult years, he started recording songs along with artists such as Cade, Maty Noyes, and Daya. His record label is Armada Music.

In mid-2015 he began releasing tracks on video and music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube.

In September of 2016, he released his debut single “Monopoly”. It was his most successful hit to date.

In early 2018 he released his single with Maty Noyes titled “Goodbye” and released his 2nd single in 2018 titled “When I See You”.

Mokita Albums

4201 4201 Mokita Released July 12, 2019 4 22
Broken Parts (Remixes) Broken Parts (Remixes) Mokita Released February 10, 2017 1 25