Młody M About

Young M - born in 1985. Warsaw rapper. It has been operating since 1999. Co-founder of Mensentis and Glow Ulic. Associated with the Step Records label, where he released four albums, three solo: Kronika Remix (2009), Kronika II: Siła Characteru (2011), Kronika III: Zaklęty Krąg prod Radonis (2013), and Glow Ulic - Glow Ulic (2013). Currently operating under his own name Much More Music.

He collaborated with artists such as PIH, Pezet, Ero, Chada, Onar, Słoń WSRH, White House, Paluch, HIFI Banda, Kajman and others.

Młody M Albums

Wiecznie Młody M Wiecznie Młody M Młody M Released November 28, 2014 2 27
Kronika Remix Kronika Remix Młody M Released September 19, 2009 7 29