Misery Signals About

Misery Signals is an American-Candian band formed in 2002 from members of 7 Angels 7 Plagues, Hamartia, and Compromise.

Through their career they have released one EP and four full-length albums on Ferret Records, as well as crowdfunding a release on Basick Records. They have also seen quite a few lineup changes.

Current Ryan Morgan – guitar (2002–present) Branden Morgan – drums (2002–present) Jesse Zaraska – vocals (2002–2006, 2016-present) Stu Ross – guitar (2002–2010, 2016-present) Kyle Johnson – bass guitar (2002–2010, 2013–present) Former Karl Schubach – vocals (2006–2016) Jeff Aust – guitar (2002) Gregory Thomas – guitar (2011–2016) Kent Wren – bass guitar (2011–2013)

They continue to be a strong influence on a number of melodic-hardcore bands.