M.G.S Azul About

Miguel Gomes aka M.G.S(Mind God and Sound) or Azul(Blue), is mainly an Hip Hop and Alternative Rock artist.His influences come from almost all genres of music from classic rock ballads to lo-fi hip hop but his life was marked by Nujabes a Japanese Hip-hop, Breakbeat, Nu jazz, Jazz rap, and trip hop producer.He created the name M.G.S when he first started to make beats at the age of 14 using three important things in his life his Mind , the problems and questions caused by the concept of God and Sound.Around the same time he was given the nickname Azul(blue) by a friend ,it now represents his deep, nostalgic,melancholic aproach to his music reflecting sometimes his “cold” side.He is now working on his upcoming releases.

M.G.S Azul Albums

Passion Passion M.G.S Azul Released August 20, 2018 5 32