Metal Carter About

Metal Carter, stage name of Marco DePascale (Rome, 14 April 1979), is an Italian rapper . His style is characterized by a reference to horror and splatter imagery, with lyrics in which violence and discomfort are pushed to the extreme.

For 10 years he has been passionate about death metal, playing drums in various bands. In particular we remember the Enthralment, among the first Italian death groups, formed in 1993 with the singer and guitarist Max Varani. Later, around the age of 16, he starts listening to rap and comes into contact with the Roman scene of MC and writer.

In the early 2000s he founded TruceBoys, together with rappers Gel and Cole, with whom he released a demo in 2001; later Noyz Narcos joins the group and releases the album Sangue in 2003, a work dedicated to horrorcore that gets attention from the whole national hip hop scene. Subsequently the group expands and the TruceKlan collective is born.

In addition to working with TruceBoys, Metal Carter has released 5 solo records: The Truth About Metal Carter (2005), What Did You Do to Metal Carter? (2007), Private Vendetta (2008), Dimension Violence (2014) and Cult Leader (2016). He also released an album with Gel (Most Corrupted in 2006), one with Cole (Secret Society in 2011) and the Master of Pain vol. 1 and 2 (respectively in 2013 and 2015). To all this are added the numerous collaborations with artists such as Fabri Fibra, Noyz Narcos, Chicoria and others.

Metal Carter Albums

Fresh Kill Fresh Kill Metal Carter Released October 16, 2020 4 44
Cult Leader Cult Leader Metal Carter Released April 27, 2016 6 46
Vendetta Privata Vendetta Privata Metal Carter Released April 17, 2008 9 40