Maxo About

Maximilian Allen (born 1995), better known by his stage name Maxo, is an American rapper hailing from Ladera Heights, CA.

Raised between Los Angeles’s Ladera Heights and the neighboring Inland Empire, he played basketball for many years before starting making rap music inspired by his older brother Myles (aka Sharp), who rapped but eventually gave it up.

In November 2015 he emerged on Bandcamp under the Anchorage, Alaska-based cassette label Burnt Tapes, releasing his debut EP After Hours, which was produced entirely by his friend Vik, a Rialto-based producer.

His following project, SMILE was released in 2018 through independent label LOVETURL.

In 2019 the rapper released his major label debut, LIL BIG MAN via Def Jam Recordings, a fitting record label to end up after rapping on his 2016 track “Only N***as in Coach,” “I’ll probably never get a deal/But if I do I hope it’s Def Jam.”

Maxo Albums

LIL BIG MAN LIL BIG MAN Maxo Released March 15, 2019 7 34