Matt Berry About

Berry’s first two albums, Jackpot and Opium, were self-released on Rillington Players. Opium was later licensed and re-released on Acid Jazz Records, the same label where Berry has released all succeeding albums (and accompanying merchandise and rarities) since: Witchazel, Kill The Wolf, Music for Insomniacs, Matt Berry and the Maypoles Live, The Small Hours, Night Terrors, Television Themes.

His latest album on Acid Jazz Records, Phantom Birds, is due to release on 18th September 2020, and during a BBC Radio 6 interview on 4th July 2020, the award-winning actor and musician also revealed he is “about 25 minutes into” the next new album that will succeed Phantom Birds.

Berry also featured on Matador Records' Desert Sessions Vols. 11 & 12 in 2019. He co-penned the track ‘Chic Tweetz’ with producer Josh Homme as well as collaborating on the music for the song.

Matt Berry Albums

Phantom Birds Phantom Birds Matt Berry Released September 18, 2020 5 28
The Small Hours The Small Hours Matt Berry Released September 16, 2016 5 30
Music For Insomniacs Music For Insomniacs Matt Berry Released May 12, 2014 1 26
Kill the Wolf Kill the Wolf Matt Berry Released July 16, 2013 6 26
Witchazel Witchazel Matt Berry Released March 11, 2009 3 19
Opium Opium Matt Berry Released 2005 6 24