Mark Exodus About

Mark Exodus, real name Marcus Luis Filomena Maiopue, is a Mozambican R&B artist.

The singer explained the origin of his artistic name in an interview with reporter Ivan Alage.

The exodus is the second book of the Bible, it is the book of promises. I made a promise to myself, 'I'm trying to honor my promise. The exodus is what reminds me every day of the promise I made. The promise I made to myself is to carry the flag in places we never thought to carry our flag. […] Marcus is the second book of the New Testament. […] It was a nice coincidence, I’m Marcus, I was Exodus for a long time […] I joined and this scene was left.

Mark released his first EP in 2020 with 7 single days and the second in the same year with A Cura.

The artist created his own record label, Mess - which, by extension is Mark Exodus Soul Society - who hired artists like Eric SOS.

Mark Exodus Albums

A Cura EP A Cura EP Mark Exodus Released April 2020 2 21
7 Dias Solteiro 7 Dias Solteiro Mark Exodus Released August 31, 2020 1 21