Malos Cantores About

The Maloscantores were born at the end of 2003, after the experience of the historical rap group SA RAZZA already active in 1990, Quilo (alessandro sanna) decides to put in stand by and together with cat p ( francesco pace) gives life to the new Sardinian rap project. Initially, the cantores appear on the web with an Internet site and then immediately with an unreleased song that already makes the public understand a return to dark and powerful beats and committed rhymes. In the summer of 2004 they released a single disc "sa kallella", a very sunny song with Sardinian-Cuban hues that immediately conquered the public in Sardinia. In the summer an ep comes out with the collaboration of Caparezza with whom they duet in "In the same house". At the end of December 2005 their first anticipated album "UN gran raap sardo" is released. More than 70 minutes of raap with collaborations of rappers from Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles and some of the best mc's of the Sardinian scene. Their album was sold out in just 4 months, officially decreeing their role in Sardinian music. A year of concerts in the best locations on the island, in the squares and in the clubs and some live shows performed overseas (Bologna, Rome). Currently the Maloscantores are preparing their second record work and in the meantime they bring the Sardinian rap also in the theater by participating in numerous readings and cultural events that demonstrate how the cantores are faithful to their mission, that of spreading Sardinian rap by mixing traditions of an island people to the sounds and rhythms of a music that has conquered the world: rap

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