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Luan Santana (Campo Grande, 1991) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. In 2009, he released his debut album, Tô de Cara, and reached stardom with the song “Meteoro”. Then he recorded his first live album, which was nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Country Music Album and became one of the best sellers throughout 2010, being certified multi-platinum. His second live album, entitled Ao Vivo no Rio (2011), generated five singles, all of which reached the first position on the Billboard Brasil singles chart. In 2012, Luan released his second studio album, Onde Chega a Noite. The album, which earned him a second Latin Grammy nomination, reached the top position on the ABPD album chart and had the biggest hits "Você de Mim Não Sai", "Nêga" and "Unconditional". The following year, Luan released his first extended play (EP), Te Esperando. The EP's title track became a radio hit, reaching number one among the most performed.

Still in 2013, Santana released her third live album, O Nosso Tempo É Hoje, which sold more than 250 thousand copies and generated the hit singles “Tudo Que Você Quiser” and “Cê Topa?”. His fourth live album, Acoustic (2015), reached the first position in the ABPD rankings and generated three singles that culminated in the Hot 100 Airplay table: "I Didn't Deserve This", "Write Here" and "Rain of Rice". In 2016, the singer released his fifth live album, 1977, whose title and concept are a tribute to women. The album gave Luan his third Latin Grammy nomination. The project's first single, “Eu, Você, o Mar e Ela”, became another # 1 in the artist's career, done repeatedly with the second and third working song of the album, “Dia, Lugar e Hora” and "Waking up the Building". Luan is the artist who most often reached the top of Billboard Brasil's Hot 100 Airplay chart.

Luan Santana (born 13 March 1991) is a Brazilian singer and composer. His first live album was a bestseller throughout 2010, selling over 100,000 copies. In recording his second CD, Santana decided that work would live and record in the cities in Brazil where his shows were performed. Once the CD was finished, two songs “Tô de Cara” and “Meteoro” became hits as he became one of the most played artists on Brazilian radio. Over a few weeks the video of “Meteoro” had 17 million hits on YouTube.

Luan Santana Albums

Live-Móvel Live-Móvel Luan Santana Released September 14, 2018 5 38
Acústico Acústico Luan Santana Released April 14, 2015 7 24
Duetos Duetos Luan Santana Released December 8, 2014 5 27
O Nosso Tempo É Hoje O Nosso Tempo É Hoje Luan Santana Released October 21, 2013 11 33
Te Esperando EP Te Esperando EP Luan Santana Released June 10, 2013 2 19
Quando Chega a Noite Quando Chega a Noite Luan Santana Released March 20, 2012 8 29
Ao Vivo Ao Vivo Luan Santana Released November 2, 2009 9 37

Luan Santana Lyricsby Popularity

1 Vingança (Ft. MC Kekel) Luan Santana 85 2 Tudo Que Você Quiser Luan Santana 83 3 Um Homem Apaixonado Luan Santana 59 4 Café com leite Luan Santana 45 5 Chuva de Arroz Luan Santana 41 6 Garotas Não Merecem Chorar Luan Santana 40 7 Meteoro Luan Santana 39 8 Aparências Luan Santana 36 9 Sinais Luan Santana 36 10 Machista (Ft. Simone & Simaria) Luan Santana 35 11 Apaixonado / A Loira do Carro Branco Luan Santana 33 12 Cabou, Cabou Luan Santana 33 13 Isso Que É Amor Luan Santana 32 14 Pode Ser pra Valer (2010) by Chitãozinho & Xororó (Ft. Luan Santana) Luan Santana 32 15 Mais Que Amigos Luan Santana 32 16 Sufoco Luan Santana 32 17 Te Vivo Luan Santana 32 18 Multiplica Luan Santana 31 19 Esqueci de Te Esquecer Luan Santana 30 20 Nêga Luan Santana 30 21 Sofazinho (Ft. Jorge & Mateus) Luan Santana 29 22 A Noite do Nosso Amor / Noite Maravilhosa Luan Santana 29 23 Amor Distante / Inquilina de Violeiro (Ft. Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano) Luan Santana 29 24 Quarto Luan Santana 29 25 Te Vivo Luan Santana 29 26 Um Ser Só Luan Santana 29 27 A Luan Santana 29 28 Modão Anjo Loiro / O Último dos Apaixonados Luan Santana 28 29 Sogrão Caprichou Luan Santana 28 30 Chocolate Luan Santana 28 31 Virou Star Luan Santana 27 32 Minha Boca Você Não Beija Mais Luan Santana 27 33 Jogo do Amor Luan Santana 27 34 Voar Outra Vez Luan Santana 27 35 Tô de Cara Luan Santana 26 36 Um Brinde ao Nosso Amor Luan Santana 26 37 Longe Daqui by Munhoz & Mariano (Ft. Luan Santana) Luan Santana 26 38 Everest by Fernando & Sorocaba (Ft. Luan Santana) Luan Santana 26 39 Eu Tô Jogando Verde Luan Santana 25 40 Meteoro Luan Santana 25 41 Promete Luan Santana 25 42 3 de Maio Luan Santana 25 43 Bailando (Portuguese Version) by Enrique Iglesias (Ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona & Luan Santana) Luan Santana 24 44 Raios e Trovoadas Luan Santana 24 45 Contratempos Luan Santana 23 46 24 Horas Luan Santana 22 47 Surreal Luan Santana 21 48 Te Vivo Luan Santana 21 49 Aqui É o Seu Lugar / Digitais Luan Santana 21 50 Você não Sabe o que É Amor Luan Santana 19 51 Nêga Luan Santana 18