Lord Madness About

In '96 Madness decides to record something, initially home sessions and then moving on to record in small studios in the capital.

In 1997 he met KD (who later became Misho of the Desert Monkeys) with whom he formed a duo called Personal Code, the duo made a demo.
The Personal Code will soon merge with a historic crew, the RHNegativo, to give life to the DEFCODE, who record for the compilation "Eclipse" (Abusive parking / Good stuff). After this last experience, Madness comes into contact with a good part of the Roman and national scene, while continuing his apprenticeship as a soloist, up to form the tenants group (the initial lineup was Madness, Kento, Profeta Matto, Mendoza, Maya Florez and Barry Convex). With this lineup, Madness produces the first "Welcome to the land of monsters" (self-production / distr. Vibra). Later the LP was reissued with the addition of unreleased tracks from the Antibe music label, then "Welcome back to the land of monsters" (Antibemusic / distr. Self) was released. The experience under the Antibemusic label ends with the release of “Il mondo nuovo”.
Madness also participates in the last tenants album entitled "The monsters understood third", this time produced and distributed by Goodfellas. Again, the rappper decides to leave the group to devote himself to his artistic "ego-trips".
In 2007, In couple with the Lecce rapper Darmon king, he produced and freedownloaded the street album “Ruffneck Network”.
A year later the affiliation with the boys of the Hanover portal was born, for which he made the album “M.D.M.A.dness” and the following “M.D.M.A. viola - from 'ol maddy bastard ", the latter is nothing more than a totally remixed version of the previous album with the addition of 4 unreleased tracks.
The project is attended by established mc's of the scene such as: Primo Brown, Jesto, Suarez, Kento, Indo, Quinto mondo, BarryConvex, as well as numerous other mc's always of excellent level, as well as a large group of beatmakers.
Madness solidifies its style of writing and flow and acquires considerable experience by bringing a live showcase around Italy with its DJ Fuzz 10 (junglabeat crew).
Fast rappin 'and off beat fanatic Madness brings an intricate flow of his own.
"Suicidio" is his first official album, and represents a next step and a notable evolution if compared to previous works.