Lisandro Aristimuño About

Lisandro Aristimuño is a musician, composer and producer from Argentina. He was born and raised in Patagonia, in the south of the country – he is always proud to talk about this.
Aristimuño is considered “the most original, versatile, and visceral artist of the last decade”. He is one of the young pioneers of independent work, with eight records and a trilogy box off his first three albums (Azules turquesas, 39°, and Ese asunto de la ventana). Aristimuño has shown through his work that -Argentinian- folklore, rock, pop, and sampling can be a bomb of pleasure to the ears. Mixing bombos, electronic sounds, winds, and string arrangements, he re-creates the world of his own mind, plus his poetry never fails to convey his strong desire of freedom, of growing, and enjoying life -not leaving behind some hint of “blueness”, a characteristic of every inhabitant from Patagonia.