Lej Mi Pół About

Lej Mi Pół - the most famous band in Poland from Bielsko-Biała, and certainly the most famous band punk punk rock. The lineup consists of "Maślak", "Bzzyk" and "Bułka". The pioneers of the so-called Kutas Punku, as they put it themselves, play "Superficial punk and metal in a thin dough". Alcohol can be mentioned as special interests and inspirations and… already. Their lyrics are linked to alcohol, student life and penises. The topic of veganism is also important As they write about themselves: “Three athletic young handsome men decided to go to music school. One day one of them asked the other two if they would go to the park to feed swans with him. Then the other two told this one he was a dick.
It wasn't like that, but it could have been, and then it would make sense or not So far they have released 2 albums in cooperation with Odbyt Rekords. They also organize concert tours.