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When she was alone, she sat down at the piano and began to make music. It was the questions to be asked, the intimate monologues, that allowed the musician LEA to find her unmistakably melancholy voice for the first album "Vakuum". Today it no longer has to be quiet around them to find the sound for their thoughts. It's much more like inviting friends over to find answers to life together. Although the 26-year-old still enjoys the moments in dialogue with herself from time to time, her second album "Between My Lines" feels more sociable overall, shows wondrous facets and the colorful aspects of her generation.

The fact that LEA hits the nerve of the times with its new openness is reflected in its successes: As a teenager, she wrote the song "Wohin du want?", and in 2017 the remix in collaboration with the DJ duo Gestört aber GeiL finally got space 11 of the German charts. Her single "Leiser" became a radio anthem and gave her her first gold record. The single »Zu dir«, released in May 2018, rises continuously in the airplay charts and has been streamed millions of times. The career has taken off, but LEA itself remains modest and full of character: "Whether I play in front of four people or in front of 1,000 - I do it for love, and because I've always done it, songwriting."

LEA's musical self-image and her authenticity is explained by her biography: When the piano tuner came into the house and started the note on Papa's piano, she tried to hit this one note as a small child - that's how they tell it at home in Kassel. The father is a music therapist, so there were always instruments to discover at home. At the age of six LEA finally began taking piano lessons, at eleven she wrote her first songs and at 15 she had a YouTube hit. Until recently, LEA studied in Hanover and went through the pubs in the evening to play on her guard - and suddenly the whole country recognizes her fragile and at the same time powerful voice.

LEA doesn't want to rest on the first successes, however, her voice is far too important to her: “If I'm successful, I see it as an opportunity to pave the way for other women in music and greater visibility for artists to accomplish. There is still a lot to do here in the German music and radio landscape ”, she mentions with a sympathetic motivation. ~ (ticketmade)

LEA Albums

Treppenhaus (Deluxe) Treppenhaus (Deluxe) LEA Released November 20, 2020 12 62
Treppenhaus Treppenhaus LEA Released May 29, 2020 6 68
Zwischen meinen Zeilen Zwischen meinen Zeilen LEA Released September 14, 2018 6 66
Vakuum Vakuum LEA Released April 22, 2016 5 79