Laguna Pai About

New Wave Reggae Peruvian band.
Active since 2008, the band members are:
Mariano Palacios (Vocals / Guitar), Salo Langberg (Guitar), Diego Pérez-Albela (Bass), Gabriela Bonifaz (Backing vocals), Robert Merath (Synth / Organ / Keys) and Assad Sacin (Drums).

Official website bio (Spanish):
Laguna Pai started playing in 2008, in Lima, Peru. With guitars, synthesizers, classic keyboards and a reggae / rock rhythmic base, a new style was born in the Peruvian scene.
The message is the priority of the band. His lyrics speak of crucial themes: environmental conservation, equality, social inclusion, introspection and spirituality. His songs call to generate awareness of being and attention to the environment.

Their first album "Kultura Babylon" (2010) was considered one of the best Peruvian albums of the year, paving the way for the band and public recognition.

With “Atento” (2013) the band acquired a deeper sound: enveloping synthesizers, prolonged guitar and keyboard solos, bass lines with strong cadences and drum patterns from various genres.

On his third album “Resiliencia” (December 2015) Laguna Pai reaches new dimensions of composition, exploring harmonies and arrangements, without losing its characteristic essence.
A journey from reflection to forgiveness, from anguish to peace. His name speaks of the ability to overcome adversity, to adapt and come out of it with a positive and transformed vision of life and the world. “The world is suffering many traumas and we believe that this is the way to survive and be happy: to overcome adversity, transform ourselves and move forward. Transforming is very important, not only to adapt, but to change, to learn, so as not to follow the wrong path. "
“Resilience” had as its music producer Jim Fox, from Lion and Fox Studios, who commented: “Really finding the sound we are looking for is crucial; the most important thing for us is the message, the sound and the strength ”.

Mariano Palacios, singer and songwriter from Laguna Pai expresses from his work with Jim Fox: “Jim Fox is an eminence in the world of reggae as well as an incredible person; a teacher in every sense of the word, very humble, conscious and awake. We finally got the sound we were looking for and that happens when you work with someone who has been doing reggae for over 40 years and who has captured the spirituality and magic of the genre. The important thing is to transmit the magic of music and its message. As if music were a spirit that when you listen to it invades your being and changes the state you are in. ”

“RESILIENCIA DUBS” (March 2017). As the title says it is about 11 of the 14 songs from the album Resiliencia mixed in dub system by maestro Jim Fox.

Laguna Pai Albums

Resiliencia Resiliencia Laguna Pai Released November 20, 2015 5 30
Atento Atento Laguna Pai Released 2013 4 48