Kalt About

Giovanni B. Linari, aka Kalt, is an Italian artist born in 1998 who was born as a rapper, originally from Genoa.

His journey begins with rapper and friend Cromo in 2013, between a lot of freestyle and the first texts; at the end of 2015, after several singles and numerous lives around the city, the duo gave birth to a mixtape, “CK-47”, so far the only official project by Kalt, completely curated by Demo for StudioOstile. 2016 thus sees the two young rappers increasingly known and considered in the Ligurian panorama, and thus they join Millon and Lil Scar going to form the MillionClique; during that year the first official videos of the members of the group are released and there are at least twelve live shows, including important openings and evenings completely dedicated to their released project.

In 2017 the members of Million decide, without undoing the group, to pursue their own individual paths: Kalt releases some singles flanked by different producers always looking for different sounds and also during this year the Clique performs live several times . 2018 begins like this, with the discs of the various members of the group scheduled while Kalt continues to dedicate himself to single releases, as well as to a project with a band composed of 5 elements besides him (drums, bass, guitar, keyboard and violin) that will lead to the first stages of solo voice at the opening of artists of national importance such as Ghemon, [Tedua], [Achille Lauro] and [Frah Quintale]

Currently Kalt is constantly working on new singles, organizing events and the aforementioned project with the band.